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Będzin Castle

Będzin Castle

Near the Polish town of Bedzin is historic structure - Bendzinsky castle. Above the stone base of the castle towering two massive towers with windows loopholes. To the top of one of them laid wooden bridges. Construction performed in the medieval Gothic style and has no architectural ornaments and other excesses. 

Bendzinsky castle was founded in the 10 - 11 centuries. Originally erected it from the tree. After the Tatar invasion in 1241, the building of the fortress burned almost to the ground. The castle was rebuilt already rough stone. Despite numerous reconstruction, one of the fortress walls, framed dilapidated arcade, survives to this day. We also managed to keep the interior trim of the castle in its original form. Bendzinsky Castle is the largest cultural center of Poland and Eastern Europe.  

The building is a museum of ancient weapons and armor. The castle grounds are constantly held reconstruction of historical events and festivals. The fortress is situated on the street Zamkowa, 1.   

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