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Abbots' Palace in Oliwa, Gdansk

Abbots' Palace in Oliwa, Gdansk

Abbey Palace in Oliwa is one of the main attractions of Gdansk. The first masonry palace from the 15th century. In 1577 the building was extended and supplemented with new elements in the rococo style. These studies were funded by Jacek Rybinsk, abbot of Gdansk Cistercian monastery. Since 1988, the palace is a branch of the National Museum in Gdansk. Art lovers should visit the exhibition of works by painters and sculptors ages 19-20, presented at the palace. Abbey Palace is located in a beautiful park of Oliwa. Of particular note is the French part of the garden surrounding the palace. Oliva - is one of the districts of Gdansk, where the aforementioned palace. He can be reached by commuter trains that leave from Gdansk to go to the station Gdansk Oliwa, then you have to walk down the street Opata Jacka Rybinskiego. 

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