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Large arsenal, Gdansk

Large arsenal, Gdansk

Large arsenal is one of the most interesting architectural monuments of the Polish city Gdansk. Arsenal was built in 1609. The author of the project was the architect Antoni van Obbergen that embodied in the structure of the elements of the Dutch style of mannerism. 

The red brick and gold facade elements arsenal gives it elegance and wealth. It is also decorated with a statue of the Roman goddess Minerva, coat of Gdansk, the statue of David, the stone masks and figures of warriors. Next to the arsenal is defensive Straw Tower, built in the 14th century. 

Until the 19th century, the arsenal used for its intended purpose - as a warehouse for weapons, artillery guns and other tools. Today, on the second floor is the Academy of Fine Arts, and the first tier of the structure is a large shopping center. 

Velka Zbroevnya, so it sounds structure in Polish, is centrally located in the coal market, and the other building facade facing the street bartending. 


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